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All you need to get access to up to date news and independent views  on renewable energy developments and policies in the UK and globally. 

This is the main access site for Renew and NATTA- the Network for Alternative Technology and Technology Assessment.  NATTA was set up as an  independent information service  in 1976, and Renew, its  bimonthly newsletter,  started up in 1979,  with a free electronic version, Renew On Line, starting up after issue 100 .


Renew On Line  (ROL) is available free, bimonthly, in downloadable PDF format here

The current  issue:

May-June 2022: ROL157.docx

Back Issues:

March-April 2022: ROL156

Jan-Feb 2022: ROL155

Nov – Dec 2021: ROL154

Sept-Oct 2021: ROL153

July-Aug 2021: ROL152

May-June 2021: ROL 151

March-April 2021: ROL150

Jan- Feb. 2021: ROL149

Nov-Dec. 2020: ROL148

Sept-Oct  2020 issue: ROL147

July-Aug  2020 issue: ROL 146

May-June 2020 issue: ROL145

March-April  2020 issue: ROL144

Jan- Feb 2020 issue: ROL 143

Nov-Dec 2019 issue: ROL 142

Sept-Oct  2019 issue is at: ROL141

July-Aug 2019 issue: ROL140

May-June 2019 issue: ROL 139

March- April 2019 issue: ROL138

Jan- Feb 2019 issue: ROL 137

Nov-Dec 2018 issue: ROL136

Sept – Oct 2018  issue: ROL 135

July- August 2018 issue: ROL 134

May-June 2018 issue: ROL133

March-April 2018 issue: ROL 132

Jan-Feb 2018 issue: ROL131

Nov-Dec 2017 issue: ROL130

Sept-Oct 2017 issue:ROL129

July-Aug 2017 issue: ROL 128

May-June 2017 issue: ROL127 

March-April 2017 issue: rol126                                                                                                                      Jan-Feb 2017 issue: rol125                                                                                                                               Nov-Dec 2016 issue: ROL124                                                                                                                          Sept- Oct 2016 issue: ROL123                                                                                                                           July-Aug 2016 issue:  ROL122                                                                                                                           May-June 2016 issue: ROL 121                                                                                                                       March-April 2016 issue: ROL120                                                                                                                       Jan-Feb 2016 issue: ROL119                                                                                                                             Nov-Dec 2015 issue:  ROL118                                                                                                                          Sept Oct 2015 issue: ROL117                                                                                                                          July- August 2015 issue: ROL116                                                                                                                 May-June 2015 issue: ROL115                                                                                                                       March-April 2015 issue: ROL114                                                                                                                        Jan- Feb 2015 issue: ROL113


As well as the bimonthly Renew on Line  newsletter,  we also  produce a shorter 1000 word weekly Renew Extra:

Why not book mark this Blog on your browser now: they are all posted near the beginning of each  respective month.    


Until Feb 2018 Renew Extra alternated bi-monthly  with ROL : back issues  are at    It  was then combined with a parallel seperate  monthly posting  into  a new  monthly posting which ran up to the end of 2019:

Renew On Line archive  All the back issues of Renew On Line in PDF format  are available from:


Renew’s author,  Prof David Elliott, produced a well received weekly 1000 word Renewable  energy blog, for the Institute of Physics, until the end of 2019:    

The last two years of back issues will  be retained there, but  in Jan 2020 it was replaced by  Renew Extra Weekly:

There’s also  a weekly Twitter notification of all NATTA postings:     Earlier postings are at:


In addition to these weekly, monthly and bimonthly posts, NATTA produces an end of year annual review. The most recent edition is downloadable free as a PDF file here:

Renew 2021

Earlier ones:

Renew 2020

Renew 2019

Renew 2018

Renew 2017



and Renew2014

NATTA Reports

       Transport Briefing TransportNATTA

       Food Safety, Brexit and farming Food for Thought

       Modernist Building Design  ModernistBuildingDesign

STUDENT RENEW  NATTA also produces a controlled access extended  student version of Renew, available to students on courses that subscribe to it, via a password. The bimonthly PDF file is posted at:

It’s an expanded version of the free Renew On Line. Check with your course administrator to see if your course subscribes and, if so, get the password . Course leaders  wishing to  subscribe, for a small pro-rata fee, to give their student access, should contact

BOOKS You may also be interested in David Elliott’s  e-book, produced for the IoP: ‘Renewables: a review of sustainable energy supply issues’:

Now updated in a much expanded 2019 second edition: :

and  his  Pivot e-book: ‘Green Energy Futures’,  from Palgrave:

And  also his book for the IoP, on ‘Balancing Green Power’:

The IoP has also published his book on Nuclear Power:

And there’s also this ‘Renewable Energy: from Europe to Africa’ (with Terry Cook):

And most recently there’s Renewable energy in the UK: past, present and future’:

David Elliott is emeritus professor of Technology Policy at the Open University UK, where he pioneered courses and research  focusing on renewable  energy and  innovation policy. NATTA  has been his long running ‘out reach’ project, continued into his retirement, with help from Tam Dougan, who edits Renew . Dave will endeavor to respond to direct feed back on the posts and can be contacted at